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May 8, 2018

Admit it, if you like to sweat then you no doubt have searched online content for exercise ideas. Online video platforms like YouTube or Instagram provide a great, albeit sometimes hilarious, resource for exercise ideas that can help both fitness instructors and consumers plan their next workout. It's important to realize, however, that once upon a time if you wanted access to workout videos you had to purchase a hunk of plastic approximately the size of a book and jam it into a machine wired to your TV. 

Tamilee Webb is a fitness instructor who became famous in the 1980s with her 'Buns of Steel' line of workout videos. For countless people who wanted the benefits of exercise but didn't have access to a health club Tamilee's videos were THE solution for instructor-led workouts that delivered results. Before the days of 'Insta-famous' fitness personalities on social media, Tamilee, along with others of her generation like Kathy Smith and Jane Fonda, pioneered the use of video for delivering exercise solutions.

On this episode of All About Fitness, Fitness Hall of Fame member Tamilee Webb shares how she got started in the fitness business, how she ended up starring in the 'Buns of Steel' series of workout videos and how she is using modern technology to deliver online fitness solutions that can help you stay fit no matter where you like to sweat. 

Tamilee's 'Design Your Fit' online programming - you too can have buns of steel from the comfort of your own home!

Good news, if you're tired of carrying your VCR with you wherever you go, you can now follow Tamilee on Instagram: @TamileeWebb or Twitter: @TamileeWebb  


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