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Jul 13, 2018

Exercise science is an oxymoron. Yes, there is tangible evidence that suggests how different types of exercise can influence the physiological systems of the human body. However, there are so many variables: the amount of weight used, the exercises performed, equipment used, the quality of nutrition or the amount of rest, that it can be really difficult to know exactly how your body will respond to an exercise program. 

Top personal trainers, strength coaches, researchers and educators will NEVER give you a definitive answer about how your body will respond to a workout and are ALWAYS learning how exercise effects the human body. The point is that NO ONE can tell you exactly how your body will react to any type of exercise, it will always take some trial-and-error to identify the most effective workouts for your needs.

Mike Boyle is a first-generation strength coach, meaning he was in the first generation of professionals who were able to make a living as a  conditioning coach working exclusively with athletes. Coach Boyle owns Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning outside of Boston, MA, besides helping multiple teams and athletes compete at the highest levels he is an educator and author who is well known for changing his mind or adjusting his coaching techniques when he realizes that he could be doing something in a different, better, more efficient way. On this episode of All About Fitness, Coach Boyle provides insights into how he stays on top of the constantly evolving field of exercise science and how he has adjusted his approach to programming over the course of his career. If you thought you knew everything about fitness or exercise, this episode will cause you to rethink your approach to how you train.


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