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Nov 14, 2017

Sam Berry is a personal trainer, strength coach and an educator. Sam teaches workshops to other fitness professionals for both the American Council on Exercise and Functional Movement Systems, the creators of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). The FMS has a systematic approach for observing movement that can be used to reduce the risk of injury and is used by organizations from NFL teams to fire departments to military special forces to help optimize human performance. 

Sam Berry is an extremely smart trainer and one of my favorite people in the fitness business.

On this Quick Fit Tip Sam and I discuss how and why he uses the FMS as well as the benefits of using a systematic approach to observing movement skill. If you have any questions that you'd like answered on a future Quick Fit Tip please send them to: 

For more info on the FMS and Functional Movement Systems go to:

For more info on Sam Berry follow him on social media or go to his website:

Instagram: @SamBerryfitness


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