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Jan 3, 2017

Welcome to episode 20 of All About Fitness, first I’m pleased to announce a new sponsor - SKLZ, the maker of exercise products to help you reach your goals, listen to the spot for a code that can save you 30%. 
On episode 20 I’m thrilled to feature a conversation with a favorite member of my extended #FitFAM Jen Sinkler. Jen is a blogger, studio owner (along with her husband, the physically cultured David Dellanave - an upcoming guest on All About Fitness himself) and fitness personality who is helping to change how people exercise - you can read her extended bio here. Some highlights of her background are being a former member of the US Women’s National Rugby team, an editor for a fitness magazine, a frequent speaker at fitness conferences and, this is my favorite, she’s one of the few women who is a regular content (meaning workout) contributor to Men’s Health.
During our conversation today we talk about living without a car (LOVE IT), the benefits of strength training and specifically how her workout program has changed as she’s gotten a little older. As I’m getting more into podcasting and listening to other podcasts I’m finding I do not like long intros, so I’m trying to keep the recorded introduction short and sweet but am adding some personal input and thoughts AFTER the interview, so please stay tuned.

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