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Oct 22, 2018

Yes, traditional resistance training can improve the strength, size and definition of your muscles but it could also cause imbalances and actually be a potential cause of injury. That's because there are two components of muscle - the individual fibers AND the fascia, an elastic connective tissue, that surrounds every single fiber. The exercises that can help muscle fibers change their function and appearance are not necessarily the best ones to help strengthen the fascia, therefore a different approach to exercise is required to strengthen the extensive fascial system that is responsible for connecting ALL of the muscles to one another.

Thomas Myers, a soft-tissue therapist, author, educator, and developer of the Anatomy Trains model of understanding the human body is a world-renown expert on fascia and elastic connective tissues. For years Tom has taught courses for professional bodyworkers and manual therapists on how to help care for the human body by understanding how ALL of the tissues are involved in controlling movement.  

According to Tom, "Muscles create movement and the fascia organizes it." Recently Tom has been sharing his expertise with the fitness industry, helping to educate fitness professionals on the proper exercise techniques for fascia. On this episode of All About Fitness Tom Myers shares the story of how he got started in bodywork, the pioneers who helped guide his education journey, what a sailboat can teach you about your body and the types of exercise you should be doing for the body-wide network of fascia that controls your every movement. 

If you are going to buy only 1 book for learning about human anatomy, invest in Anatomy Trains, 3rd ed. by Thomas Myers

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