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May 1, 2018

It may be true that video killed the radio star (see that video here and yes, that is how we dressed in the early 80's) however, when it comes to fitness, video made the fitness star; in the first part of the modern fitness the video tape become an important resource for helping people to exercise from the comfort of their own home. Workout videos were extremely popular and for many it was their only access to a  fitness instructor - viewers could pop a tape into the VCR and start sweating in front of the TV (if you don’t understand what that means - ask your parents).

Over the years video formats have changed and now the only place you might find a VHS workout tape is at your mother's house, however, the desire to be able to exercise from home has not. The difference is that in the 2nd decade of the 21st century exercise enthusiasts (or those attempting to become enthusiastic about it) can access an almost limitless supply of workout videos from the internet.

Some instructors are awesome while others are destined to star in a gym fail video compilation. On this Quick Fit Tip I offer suggestions for what you should look for along with what to avoid, when searching for a video-based workout for your needs.


Core training is much, much more than simply doing a few crunches or holding a plank until you almost pass out. Dr. Stuart McGill spent the bulk of his academic career studying the spine and identifying the most effective ways to strengthen core muscles; the article below is a compilation of his research and while it might be a little technical it IS extremely informative and may change the way you approach core training.

Dr. Stuart McGill article on core training - if you want to know the most effective methods for strengthening the muscles that control your center of gravity - this is it! 


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