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Are you active? Do you like to exercise? Do you want to know the best fitness plans for your goals? All About Fitness is here to help you identify the most effective workout programs for your needs. Pete McCall has been educating personal trainers around the world for more than twelve years and is now using that experience and knowledge to help you with your questions about exercise. The primary purpose of All About Fitness is to explain how exercise can slow down the aging process allowing you to add years of enjoyment to your life. A longtime spokesperson and media resource Pete has been quoted in Men's Health, Shape, Muscle and Fitness Hers, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and numerous other periodicals. In addition, he has written textbook chapters for two of the largest personal training certifications and works with many popular fitness brands as a consultant and educator. If you want to maximize the results from your time spent sweating then be sure to catch each episode of All About Fitness.
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Mar 29, 2017

Question: What can George Constanza teach us about exercise?


To learn the answer you'll have to listen to strength coach Mike Boyle and I discuss the most effective ways you should be working out. When it comes to developing and coaching practical, effective fitness solutions Mike has over thirty years of experience  helping both athletes and individuals to achieve extremely high levels of performance. On this episode of All About Fitness we discuss why the average person should be training like an athlete and how you can get started on a program to help you get fit at any age.

If you have kids that play sports or coach youth sports yourself then you will want to pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the first part of our conversation where Mike and I discuss the many mistakes being made in youth sports that could impede athletic development or lead to a career-ending injury.

When it comes to strength and conditioning Mike is a straight-shooter and one of the best in the business. He the author of New Functional Training for Sports and owns Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Woburn, MA which has been recognized by Men's Health as one of the top gyms in the country. Throughout his career as a coach, educator and author Mike has had a tremendous impact on myself and thousands of other fitness professionals who are working to make the world a healthier place.

Here are links to some of the things referenced in our discussion:

Core Performance by Mark Verstegen - one of THE BEST books for learning the how's and why's of fitness.

Mike Boyle's Fat-Loss for Adults workout program on 

Mike Boyle's Strength Coach Blog 

Twitter: @PeteMc_fitness

Instagram: @PeteMcCall_fitness

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Mar 29, 2017

If you exercise regularly, how do you decide which ones to do in your workouts?

If you're like most fitness enthusiasts then you are most likely following a workout program featuring exercises that focus on individual muscle groups or bodyparts. This approach to fitness comes from bodybuilders who use muscle isolation exercises like biceps curls or leg extensions in an effort to promote the highest level of growth and definition. 

The ViPR was designed for workouts that focus on movement patterns, not musclesThe ViPR was designed specifically to focus on movement-based workouts.


Hypertrophy is the technical term for muscle growth; exercise programs where the goal is improving hypertrophy should focus on muscle isolation exercises because they can be the most effective way to initiate the metabolic or mechanical stimuli necessary to promote muscle growth. However, if you only have a limited time for exercise you are better off following an exercise program that focuses on using movement patterns as opposed to exercises designed to isolate a muscle.

Here's some food for thought:

The only time a muscle works in isolation is in a machine designed for muscle isolation. Any other time you move numerous muscles are working together to produce and control the forces necessary to perform specific movement patterns.

Our brains are hard-wired to focus on learning the most effective movement patterns that can provide our daily needs for food, shelter, companionship or physical security. When creating a movement our brain and nervous system will engage a number of muscles simultaneously to execute the pattern.

Performing a movement-based exercise program that focuses on using patterns instead of muscle isolation exercises can help improve overall levels of strength, reduce the risk of injury from overuse and increase caloric expenditure (allowing you to burn more calories in less time). Today's All About Fitness Quick Fit Tip focuses on the differences between isolation and movement training and why you should be doing the latter and skipping the former. The most important benefit is that anytime you engage more muscles in an activity you can increase the level of energy expenditure.

Moving a weight through space is an effective way to increase total body strength.

Moving a weight through space is an effective way to increase total body strength.


Blogs I've written about the benefits of movement-based exercise:

ACE Blog: Training Movement, Not Muscles

ACE Blog: Training Movement, Not Muscles, part II

ACE article: Loaded Movement Training


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Mar 7, 2017

We all know that nutrition plays a significant role in helping us reach or exceed our fitness goals. Between trendy diets, faddish flushes or dangerous detoxes there can be a tremendous amount of misinformation about the type of well-rounded, balanced, complete nutrition you need to be healthy.

Frances Largeman-Roth is a RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist) credentialed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, author, frequent contributor to national TV talk shows and the former Director of Food and Nutrition at Health Magazine; she has a tremendous amount of experience in helping others learn how to eat right and make healthier decisions.

Today on All About Fitness, Frances and I talk about fad diets and some simple strategies and steps that you can easily implement to help develop and maintain healthy nutrition habits. From understanding the role of elimination diets to strategies for getting your kids to eat their veggies you will learn a number of helpful tidbits to help you make healthier choices for you and your family. 

Frances has written 4 books: Eating in Color, The Carblovers Diet Cookbook, The Carblovers Diet and Feed the Belly: the Pregnant Mom's Healthy Eating Guide (written from experience as the mother of 3).

You can also catch Frances sharing healthy recipes on her YouTube channel: The Milk&Honey Kitchen with Frances or through her social media handles: Instagram @franceslrothrd or Twitter @franceslrothrd


More about Pete McCall, the host of All About Fitness


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Mar 7, 2017

No matter what your fitness goals are, nutrition is a key component of success. The sayings: "abs are made in the kitchen" and "you can't out-train a bad diet," are absolutely, one-hundred percent accurate. 

Nutrition does not need to be overly complicated nor does it need to be some sort of strict diet but it is important to know a few strategies that can help you make healthier decisions. On this episode of All About Fitness Quick Fit Tips I offer a couple of simple strategies that can help you with your approach to nutrition.

A meal like this can be both nutritious and delicious!

First, it's important to know a little science, but keep in mind these are general terms, each individual is different, but these examples can help you to develop a slightly better understanding of how your body uses energy. If you want to know more about how your body burns fat then listen to episode 26 of All About Fitness where Professor Fabio Comana explains the physiology of fat burning.

Your body uses the food you eat for energy and to repair tissue. Protein is used to repair tissue while fats and carbohydrates are used to provide energy (among other things). The energy that is not used immediately will be saved as triglycerides in adipose tissue (body fat). Yes, most of the energy you use is to power your muscles for a variety of activities, but internal biological processes like digestion and tissue repair will also help burn calories.

A calorie is a measure of unit of energy - it is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one liter of water by one degree centigrade. There is some variance based on the amount of lean muscle mass, fat mass and overall fitness but in general the human body will burn approximately one hundred (100) calories to walk or run a mile.

If you take 12 minutes to walk a mile it will take you about 30 minutes to burn the energy from a 20oz bottle of Coca-cola (240 calories - according to the label). If you run a 7 minute mile it will take you half the time to burn the same amount of energy. 

My advice to clients is that when looking at a food label or calories guide on a restaurant menu determine how much activity you will need to do to expend the energy provided by that food. If something you're about to eat has two hundred calories then you should be prepared to do the necessary activity to use the energy it will provide. Otherwise that extra energy that could be stored as fat to be used at a later time. 

Taking the time to prep fruit and veggies at the beginning of the week can help you be healthier all week long.

If your goal is to lose weight then it is necessary to consume fewer calories than you expend - this creates a negative caloric balance. This doesn't mean starve yourself, it just means making smarter decisions about the quantity of food and your daily level of physical activity.

A pound of body fat has approximately 3500 calories of energy; if you can reduce your caloric intake by 300-500 calories a day and increase your caloric expenditure by 300-500 calories (the equivalent of walking 3-5 miles; it sounds like a lot but that can be accumulated throughout the day) then you will be on track to lose 1-2 pounds a week.

More importantly you will be developing the ability to make healthier decisions and practice healthier habits both of which are essential for long-term success.


There are many different approaches to nutrition; it is important to identify what works for you and your specific needs. My recommendation is to find a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. A RDN has five years of formal education before earning the credential which is important for helping you identify the most effective nutrition plan for your needs.

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