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Are you active? Do you like to exercise? Do you want to know the best fitness plans for your goals? All About Fitness is here to help you identify the most effective workout programs for your needs. Pete McCall has been educating personal trainers around the world for more than twelve years and is now using that experience and knowledge to help you with your questions about exercise. The primary purpose of All About Fitness is to explain how exercise can slow down the aging process allowing you to add years of enjoyment to your life. A longtime spokesperson and media resource Pete has been quoted in Men's Health, Shape, Muscle and Fitness Hers, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and numerous other periodicals. In addition, he has written textbook chapters for two of the largest personal training certifications and works with many popular fitness brands as a consultant and educator. If you want to maximize the results from your time spent sweating then be sure to catch each episode of All About Fitness.
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Dec 29, 2016

If you're a longtime fitness enthusiast then you no doubt know that exercise is only one component of what is required to achieve the results you want. Unlike many common gym myths, the phrases, "You can't out-train a bad diet," and "Abs are made in the kitchen" are two sayings that, unfortunately, are more reality than myth.

Here to help provide some no-nonsense, evidence based ideas for how you can change your diet to change your body is Sohailla Digsby, a Registered Dietician who is the author of the books: Countdown to Your Best Body Success Journal and Best Body Cookbook and Menu Plan as well as the leader of the Best Body in 52 online nutrition coaching program.

On this episode of All About Fitness we discuss nutrition, the difference between a nutritionist and Registered Dietician, how you can make healthier nutrition choices and 5 simple steps that you can take to change your diet. Today. 

Don't let your nutrition choices hold you back from seeing the results you really want from your fitness program; this episode will help you understand the role of nutrition as well as help identify some simple changes that you can start making to your diet.

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If you are interested in seeing fitness and nutrition educators like Sohailla and I in person we will be appearing at SCW MANIA Fitness conferences in 2017. You do NOT have to be a fitness professional to attend, in fact we love it when the general fitness enthusiast comes to the events. In 2017 I'll be teaching workshops on kettlebell training, core training, dynamic anatomy and the role of recovery in fitness  Look for the link to the MANIA events to find one near you.

Dec 23, 2016

As a fitness professional my primary focus is on enhancing physical performance through movement-based strength and conditioning programs. What that means in plain English is that I help people move better first before helping them to become stronger or more powerful.

A well-known joke among fitness professionals is that the most common workout goals are to: "lose weight" and "tone up." If a personal trainer received $1 for every time he or she heard that phrase every single one of us would be a multi-millionaire. The fact is that most people start a workout program in order to look better, not move better. With that in mind I plan on regularly interviewing guests with a background in bodybuilding, whether as a competitor, researcher or coach.

On episode 18 of All About Fitness I interview former professional  bodybuilder Tamer ’The Razor' El-Guindy.
Our conversation focuses on how setting exercise goals, especially the strict ones required for success as a bodybuilder, can help you prepare for success in your professional life. Let’s face it, if you can compete in bodybuilding then you are driven by setting and working towards challenging goals which is an important trait required for any type of professional success. Tamer is an excellent example of an individual who has turned the drive and determination that led to his success on the competitive stage towards a career working in the fitness industry. Tamer is a former IFBB 2-time Mr. USA who is now working for UFC Gym as the vice president of global franchising and the director of the UFC Gym University. 
My initial perception of UFC Gym was that it was going to be focused on the tribal-tatood, Ed Hardy t-shirt wearing crowd that frequent MMA events. However having met and done some work with both Tamer and the director of Fitness for UFC Gyms Rob McCullough, who I interviewed on episode 16 of All About Fitness, I have been impressed by the all-inclusive approach the company has towards it’s fitness programming. 
This is not an informercial for UFC Gym, however when I come across a company that I feel is doing fitness the right way, whether it is by manufacturing equipment or operating a health club, I want to share that it with you. If you’re like me than you may have a certain image of what working out in a UFC Gym looks like, but after listening to our conversation today you may realize it’s a place worth checking out. 
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Nov 21, 2016

It's easy to stop working out if you're not having fun. If you're looking for a new way to challenge your body, or just want to make your workouts more interesting than consider training like an athlete! You don't have to be under contract to reap the benefits of training like top competitive athletes. On episode 17 of All About Fitness I speak with Michael Piercy, a former professional baseball player who uses his knowledge of what it takes to compete as a pro to help his clients experience extraordinary results. 

Michael Piercy is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association who owns the LAB Performance Training Center in West Caldwell, NJ. Michael is a Master Instructor for TRX and the developer of the RedZone Workout Program for Men's Health.

During our conversation today we talk about how pro athletes train and how training like a pro can help you reach your fitness goals; most importantly you'll learn how to make exercise more FUN again.


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Nov 20, 2016

On this episode of All About Fitness I sit down with Rob McCullough, former professional kick boxer, WEC Lightweight Champion, and currently the Senior Director of MMA Programming for UFC Gyms.

We discuss how Rob got started in professional fighting and how his approach to fitness and exercise has changed over the years. What is fascinating is that over the past twenty years MMA has evolved from an underground sport to a multi-billion dollar industry. The computer and tech industry evolved in San Jose, CA, finance and fashion were developed in New York City and the early days of MMA took place in Orange County, CA and Rob was there at the beginning. 

Rob talks about meeting and training with Tito Ortiz in high school and how his participation in the sport has grown from being a fighter to running the program for UFC Gyms, a rapidly growing chain of health clubs based out of Southern California.

If you are interested in finding a UFC Gym near you please visit:

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Oct 6, 2016
Episode 15 of All About Fitness is about the role that community plays in promoting a healthy and fitness lifestyle. People who don’t workout tend to find any excuse to avoid getting sweaty. Those of us who enjoy fitness are the opposite, we look forward to the physical challenge of a tough workout and often we look forward to seeing the friends we’ll be sweating with as we push ourselves to perform better.
How many times have you thought about blowing off a workout or skipping an activity because you weren’t really in the mood? How many times did you suck it up and show up because you knew that others would be there waiting for you and, if nothing else, it was a chance to get out, see some friends and have a little fun?  One of the best things about the fitness lifestyle is being a part of a community of like-minded individuals. As someone who has taught group fitness classes for the better part of 20 years I can attest to the fact that many friendships are made among people who sweat together. One of the coolest things is that many people who first meet in the gym end up becoming friends, which is especially important in this day of social media when it can be easier to connect virtually than in real life. The topic of today’s episode is how fitness can create a community and why that community can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle.
You may have seen them in the park: a phalanx of women in form-fitting exercise clothes pushing strollers and stopping every so often to perform some workouts. The program is called Stroller Strides and it was created by Lisa Druxman, a fitness professional, who noticed there was a lack of exercise options for women who had just given birth. True to the phrase: necessity is the mother of invention, once Lisa decided to create a program that catered to new moms who didn’t want the let the new addition stand in the way of their exercise program. Once Lisa created the Stroller Strides workout she turned it into a franchise program so that other new moms could start their own companies promoting health and fitness.
Over the years Stroller Strides has evolved to include programs called Fit4Baby - classes for pre-natal fitness, Body Back - conditioning classes for any stage of motherhood and has become the company Fit4Mom.  Farel Hruska is the National Fitness Director responsible for educating new and existing franchise owners and instructors. Lisa and Farel have focused on helping women create a community of like-minded individuals who care about the health of both their families and themselves as individuals. 
In this episode of All About Fitness, Lisa, Farel and I discuss the evolution of Fit4Mom and the role that a community of like-minded individuals plays in helping you to pursue a healthy and fit lifestyle. 
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Aug 17, 2016

 A few things to know about exercise and pregnancy

Okay, first things first, I’m a guy. Let me add a little more info, I’m a father with two young kids and someone who makes a living teaching exercise science so me writing or speaking about exercising during pregnancy comes from the point of view of having watched my wife go through it two times and having done the research to teach others how pregnancy changes a woman’s response to exercise.

Here’s the thing: we know that a woman’s body changes during pregnancy and that the physiology will function differently but there is a scarcity of specific research on how hard or how long to exercise during pregnancy because: 1) no researcher wants to risk injuring a pregnant woman and 2) it’s only a limited time frame to collect data. This means that we have ideas about how a woman’s body adjusts to exercise during pregnancy but no definitive standards for how hard, how long or what type of exercise.

If you’re female, enjoy working out and planning on getting pregnant here are a few things you should know about the benefits of exercise during pregnancy along with a few things to pay attention to as your pregnancy progresses.

Fitness Instructor Aimee Nicotera stayed active throughout her pregnancy

This information comes from the current scientific literature, my 18 years of experience of working with pregnant woman as private clients and in group classes, going through it two times with my wife and from my conversation with Aimee Nicotera, a fitness professional who continued to teach, train and compete during her pregnancy. In my All About Fitness podcast we discuss Aimee’s pregnancy and how she has adjusted her workouts over the development of her baby. Two important things to note: Aimee is a little older than many new mothers but that didn’t affect her and she went into labor and gave birth within hours of taping the podcast so I was lucky to catch her at the exact end of her pregnancy; so it’s worth a listen if you’re looking for some good, practical advice from a fitness expert with a master’s in health education. 


here is some more information about exercise during pregnancy

American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) guidelines on exercise during pregnancy 


American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Comment on exercise during pregnancy 


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Aug 9, 2016

Do you love to exercise? Are you a group fitness junkie? Do you find yourself giving fitness advice to your friends and family? 

Have you ever considered changing careers to work in the fitness industry?

Like many of us who work full time as personal trainers and group fitness instructors Artemis Scantalides started her career working in an office. To hear why she gave up a lucrative career as a consultant to work late nights and early mornings making half naked people sweaty be sure to catch episode 12 of All About Fitness where we discuss her transition from fitness enthusiast to fitness studio owner, trainer and international speaker. In addition Artemis is one of only a few women who have earned the prestigious Iron Maiden designation so we also talk about weight lifting and strength training.

Artemis double kettlebell

It IS possible to earn a living while working in your favorite fitness clothes; in this age of social media and online content your income potential as a fitness professional is limited only by how hard you're willing to work and how creative you can be at developing a niche audience for what you have to offer.

If you want to know how you can earn a personal training certification visit either:

The American Council on Exercise:


The National Academy of Sports Medicine: 


To learn how to teach group cycling visit the Schwinn Cycling website:

To learn how to teach Les Mills programs:



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Jul 25, 2016

"How you do anything is how you do everything." Why are there some people who are constantly more successful than others? According to personal trainer and coach Todd Durkin is has to do with mindset and attitude.

On episode 11 of All About Fitness I interview Todd Durkin, a recent finalist on the NBC show STRONG, one of the most influential people in health and fitness and the owner of Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego - recognized by Men's Health Magazine as one of the top gyms in the country. We talk about his journey into the fitness industry, how he trains high performing individuals and what you can do TODAY to start achieving the success you deserve.

Find out what makes Todd a two-time winner of Personal Trainer of the Year by hearing how he helps others achieve success in their lives. Todd personal trains clients from house wives and retirees to championship winning professional athletes; he also mentors business leaders and helps personal trainers become more successful. Very quickly into our conversation you will recognize why TD is one of the fitness industry’s most successful individuals.


More information about Todd:

Fitness Quest 10 - Todd's training facility in San Diego



Jul 12, 2016

“The journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step,” is an ancient Chinese proverb; the point is that any journey, no matter the distance, begins the same way - by taking the first step. 


One of the most challenging things with making time for exercise is having a goal. If you are working towards a specific outcome then you have a purpose for why you’re going to the gym (or running outside, or swimming that lap). If you don’t have a purpose then it can be extremely hard to make the effort to take that first step.


In today’s episode of All About Fitness I speak with Randy Hetrick, the inventor of the TRX Suspension Trainer, a former active duty US Navy SEAL and all around great individual. We talk about goal setting and how to make time for fitness in a demanding schedule. Training to be a SEAL is one of the most grueling, physically demanding challenges any individual could face. Creating a product, bringing it to market and literally changing the face of an industry is a piece of cake by comparison.


Randy and I talk about how he focused his efforts to his achieve his goal of becoming a SEAL and how he uses that drive to help him run a successful business. You DO NOT need to train like a Navy SEAL or feel the burn to receive benefits from exercise, simply getting up and being active a few minutes at a time can provide some health benefits and be the first step in your journey to a healthier life. 


Fitness is not about having a certain look or being able to lift a certain amount of weight or run a certain distance. In my opinion fitness is simply having the physical ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it. There is so much false, misleading and downright bad information about fitness; the goal of All About Fitness is to cut through all of the nonsense and bring you information about exercise that can help improve your life. Even if you don’t exercise or even like the thought of sweating I guarantee that you will get something out of listening to our conversation.


If you want to hear the story of how and why Randy invented the TRX along with a workout that you can start doing TODAY, then watch this interview I did with Randy a few years ago; we talk about his journey from SEAL to inventor while he puts me through a challenging workout.


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Jul 6, 2016

Losing weight, toning up, getting bigger, faster, stronger... These are all common reasons for working out; here's some food for thought: Why not exercise for the purpose of feeling better instead of looking better? When was the last time that you went to the gym for a 'happiness day?' 

Petra Kolber is a fitness industry veteran who helped make step aerobics one of the most popular workouts in the world. Petra has evolved from teaching knee repeaters to using physical activity as a means for changing your mindset because feeling better is the first step towards looking better. If you exercise for no other reason it should be because it can help put you in a good mood that can change your overall outlook on life. 

In our conversation today Petra and I discuss her evolution from a cruise ship performer to a fitness industry leader responsible for changing lives around the world. Tune in for our conversation to find out how you can start Moving YOUR way to Happiness


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Jun 24, 2016

Episode 8 of All About Fitness discusses how exercise can help eliminate pain. If you experience chronic pain, you're not alone. Chronic pain affects millions of people and can be extremely debilitating keeping you from being able to move comfortably, let alone not allowing you to participate in your favorite activities.

Drugs can mask pain to help you feel better but that is only temporary and does not treat the actual cause of pain. Medical procedures can be extremely expensive and could actually cause more problems than they solve because once a muscle is cut, inelastic scar tissue can develop which can change the function of that muscle. Anthony Carey is a San Diego-based personal trainer, author of the book: The Pain Free Program and educator who specializes at using exercise to help eliminate the causes of chronic pain. In this episode we discuss how the right exercise program can change how your body functions allowing you to live pain-free while enjoying your favorite activities.

If you deal with pain on a regular basis, this episode of All About Fitness will help you understand the physiology of pain and how you can get rid of it allowing you to return to your favorite activities.

Anthony Carey's studio Function First: 

A video demonstrating reactive training with the Core-Tex:


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Jun 13, 2016

David Jack is a leader in the fitness industry who serves as an adviser to Men’s Health, Reebok and other companies as well as running the Activ8 Lab fitness studio in the beautiful Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. David is not only responsible for producing informative, engaging content for top fitness brands but he is one of the most down-to-earth, engaging professionals I’ve met in my nearly twenty years working in fitness. In today’s conversation we talk about how to make time for fitness in a busy schedule, effective strength training exercise strategies when time is a factor along with ways that exercise can be used to help motivate and engage others. Rather than a lengthy intro, I’ll use David’s quote below as an example of what to expect in episode 7 of All About Fitness: 


“I believe that as we use our strengths; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, to serve, we are given more. Fitness has been relegated to six-pack abs, a faster 40, a bigger bench or a better Fran time. Goals are good and they DO matter, but if all we train and prepare for is to improve our fitness metrics or look better for others that judge us, that’s all we get. When great people, places and things come together to create the change they seek in the world, the positive effects cascade forever. This is my mission: to use my God given gifts, talents and passions to inspire, connect, teach and share with others in an effort to change the way we look at fitness, ourselves and those around us. To help people get ready to be ready when they are called upon becoming the who they were created to be, in order to do what only they can do.”


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Jun 2, 2016

If you like to exercise and are always looking for new workout options one of the goals of All About Fitness is to introduce you to new types of fitness equipment and programs. As someone who has spent a career educating personal trainers I would never promote a product or support a program that I didn’t think is legitimate and provides a specific value to fitness consumers; the things I consider when reviewing a new entrant to the fitness market are:

  • Is it a correct application of research-based exercise science?
  • Does it address a specific need that isn’t being met by other products?
  • Is it safe and appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels?

In episode 6 of All About Fitness we visit with Stephanie Lauren, the founder of Plyoga Fitness (featured on Spike TV's Sweat Inc.). Stephanie is a former NCAA athlete and competitive gymnast who wanted a dynamic way to stay fit after her competitive days were behind her which is what led her to create a new exercise format.

What happens when you combine the range of motion and mobility exercises from Yoga with plyometric exercises to increase muscle power? You get Plyoga Fitness which integrates the two modalities into a fun and challenging workout that produces results. In this episode I interview Stephanie about why she created Plyoga Fitness, the benefits of her program and how you can get results by combining two different types of exercise into one workout. 

For more information about Plyoga Fitness, please visit:


To experience a fitness conference, visit: 

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Jun 2, 2016

Goal setting is an important part of working out. How can you measure progress if you don’t identify what your desired outcome is? As the winner of the Guinness 24 Hour Fitness Challenge Joe Decker is literally the World’s Fitness Man, in addition he has completed a number of grueling races and endurance events including the 520 mile Raid Gauloises, the Badwater 135, the Marathon des Sables (across the Sahara), the Grandslam of Ultra Running AND is a two-time winner of the Spartan Death Race


In episode 5 of All About Fitness I talk with Joe, and his wife Nicole, about what motivates him and why he sets such incredible stretch goals. We also talk about how you can take the necessary steps to set your own goals that will push you beyond your comfort zone.


If you have found that your workouts are getting a little stale and that you need a new challenge then this episode of All About Fitness is for you!


Here are the links to information about Joe and Gut Check Fitness:


Here is his book, ‘The World’s Fittest You’*Version*=1&*entries*=0


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May 16, 2016

Confession: I'm a recovering meat-head; once upon a time my workout program focused on: bench press, biceps curls and lat pulldowns. For years my perception of Yoga was that it was merely stretching in a dark room with funky music. Then I tried my first class and was immediately humbled. As I've gotten older I've completely changed the way I train and now instead of focusing on how much weight I lift, the goal is to improve mobility and maintain a high level of physical function. While I don't practice as much as I would like I now appreciate the role that Yoga plays in a well-rounded fitness program. 

Today in All About Fitness I have a conversation with fitness author, public speaker and Assistant Professor of Exercise Science (Miramar College) Jessica Matthews. Jessica has been teaching yoga for a number of year and has created a Yoga Alliance approved Yoga instructor program at Miramar College in San Diego, CA; we talk about the benefits of Yoga and how you can identify the best form and instructor for your needs.

For more fitness education information from Jessica please see:  or


For a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher in your area, please click here 

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May 15, 2016

If you enjoy fitness and exercise at some point you have probably laced up your shoes and gone for a run. Maybe you run just enough to enjoy your desert or an extra glass of wine or maybe you train competitively and try to get faster in every race you enter. Whatever your level of commitment to running you will definitely learn a little something from today's guest.

Sonja Friend-Uhl is an accomplished Master's level runner who is currently the Women's Masters Track & Field World Record holder in the Indoor Mile (4:44.81). In addition she is a record holder in the 1500m 4:16.90 and travels the world as a Master Trainer for Core Health & Fitness, the parent company of Star Trac and Stairmaster workout equipment; in this role she travels around the world to teach others how to exercise which presents a unique challenge for maintaining a high level of fitness with a crazy travel schedule.

On All About Fitness we discuss how Sonja has worked to improve her speed in her forties as well as how she manages to stay in shape to compete at a high level despite a grueling work and travel schedule. If you are looking for ways to improve as a runner then you will definitely enjoy this episode. We talk about training strategies for how to maintain a high level of performance during the aging process as well as a few tips for how to stay active and committed to your fitness goals while on the road. 


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Apr 22, 2016

If you enjoy exercise and make your fitness a priority then one of your primary goals for working out is to burn fat. If this is the case then you are no doubt familiar with the concept of high intensity training. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), metabolic conditioning, Tabata training and other forms of extreme workouts that are meant to beat the calories out of you via punishing exercise are very popular right now, however they could be doing you more harm than good.

You may have heard from your favorite fitness instructor, personal trainer or read in a popular magazine that high intensity interval training is effective at burning fat, it can be BUT ONLY when done the proper way and at the right amount. The perception is that the harder you work, the more calories you burn, however in the case of HIIT perception is NOT always reality. The simple fact is that a little HIIT can be good, but too much could be working against you and keeping you from reaching your fitness goals.

In today's episode of All About Fitness I speak with San Diego State Professor of Exercise Science Fabio Comana who explains the physiology of HIIT, how it works and, most importantly, how it could be working against you and keeping you from achieving your fitness goals. Fabio is one of the smartest and hardest working guys in the fitness industry, throughout his career he has worked for different universities, the leading personal training certification organizations and has educated thousands of fitness professionals. If you want to learn more about how the body burns fat don't waste your time listening to someone who may have just recently passed a weekend workshop, go to the source and hear what the guy who makes a living teaching trainers has to say on the topic. Fabio and I discuss the fallacies of HIIT and what you should be doing to maximize the fat loss from your workouts, this is a conversation you DO NOT want to miss. 


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Mar 4, 2016

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Do you enjoy working out? If you do then you probably want to find the most effective workout program to help you meet your needs. "Boot camp" workout programs are an extremely popular mode of exercise and research by the American Council on Exercise has shown that they can be extremely effective for burning calories; however not all boot camp programs are the same (and some aren't even worth being called 'boot camp').

To get the lowdown on the type of challenges a real boot camp workout should offer and how these can benefit your fitness needs I went straight to the source and interviewed 6 time US Army 'Soldier of the Year' and decorated combat veteran Ken Wiechert who, besides serving in the TN National Guard, travels around the world to teach fitness instructors how to lead proper boot camp conditioning programs. 

In the inaugural episode of All About Fitness you will learn about the benefits of boot camp conditioning programs and how to find the best program to meet your specific needs. 


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